Remnants Of Past


The past usually ain’t a good place to go back, not in Human History. It is our very nature to satisfy our growing curiosity, from where we originated to how we made it until today. ย We get better understanding of who we are from fossil relics and artifacts. Decisions are more systematic and wiser because we were able to trace the past and don’t want to commit the same mistake again. By looking back, we realized how far we’ve come.


As a young student, I didn’t have the verve to flip pages of History books. I abhor memorizing dates about ‘when‘ did ‘who‘ discovered ‘what ‘. It broke my heart when my class Adviser didn’t let me join the District Science Quiz Bee and put me in History Quiz Bee instead. I was there with no intention to win but just to give my best, and my best could mean going back to school empty handed.ย Anyways, I made it to 5th place out of 180+ competing students. It didn’t feel like a triumph. With all those specific names and dates I had to inject in my memory, I knew History isn’t my thing.


But then I was wrong. I guess, the approach I had in classroom isn’t the best way for me to appreciate History. I realized I’m a visual person. So just like others, the inquisitive nature is in me. But the past won’t leave mark by just memorizing dates or enumeration. I somehow had to ‘be there. That’s when Museums appealed interesting to me…ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Am I the only one who hates memorizing specific dates and enumeration in History class? Don’t you love to have those remnants in front of you? So close, you can almost touch?

Keep abreast of my next post as I show you around an interesting museum I visited. More photos to come!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “Remnants Of Past

  1. Great looking skull- Satisfies one of my interests. One thing about history that has become more sophisticated and that most living species have is a skeleton below all that flesh and blood.

  2. Detesto le date, ma amo la storia, รจ lรฌ che affondano le nostre radici. Peccato che spesso lo dimentichiamo e dimentichiamo ciรฒ che essa ci puรฒ insegnare.
    Il futuro non mi interessa, se avessi la macchina del tempo vorrei visitare tutte le epoche a me sconosciute.

    1. Corretta. Mi piacerebbe vivere nel passato e vedere come hanno fatto . Questo deve essere eccitante ! Grazie per aver letto! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. History is easily put aside, but it ‘s what makes us humans. That simple: where do you come from? Who were your parents, grandparents, ancestors? What sort of life did they go through? What happened in their time. What can be used now? What should not? I can’t help but noticing your supporting “educate girls”. A century ago that was not even an issue. So History is not just dates, it is a flow with people, histories, customs, change. The dates only serve to understand the flow. And that’s how it should be taught. As an example, my family goes back to a tiny willage in Flanders in the 1400’s. I know their names, their office for some. And then one of my ancestors went to France, another to India. We were born in India from the late 1700’s to mid 1900’s. My little lister was the last of the family born there. And we moved on. To Asia, to Africa, now in Mexico. That’s history. your name, Iriz, speaks of spanish influence. Your last name, Chan is possibly Chinese. And you now live in Penang? ๐Ÿ™‚ That is history. Have a great week.

    1. Wow, that was a whole lot of history about your bloodline. You’re right, the dates only serve to understand the flow. People just keep going and it’s interesting to trace back the path. Right, my Mother has Spanish blood while my Father has Chinese blood. I’m sort of “Spanese” or “Chinish” Haha! Life led me here in Malaysia for a living, I’m nearby Kuala Lumpur. Great week for us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello dear! I am so pleased to be nominated by you. Thank you so much! I am currently on the go and will respond to this soon. Happy blogging to us! <3

  5. Oh I am totally with you, I don’t care for memorizing dates either…but to see it and appreciate it that way will definitely help it to remain in my memory! Looking forward to your upcoming photos!

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