5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor (Or Any Passion!)

1. If it keeps running on my mind, It means I have to act on it.

Many people already know the thing or two they are passionate about, but they stay brooding over the idea of putting their hands on it. Some want to write but never found time to pick that pen and create a draft. Others want to travel but didn’t push for that nonnegotiable time off from work. That idea circling in your mind is your self expression finding the way out to free itself. You can take your adequate time but ultimately has to ACT on it. Else, you’re just like that man who wishes to win a lottery but never bought a lottery ticket.

5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor Or Any Passion

2. Everybody starts from zero.

While beginning could be the most difficult part, it is also the most vital part. No mile has ever been reached without that single step. You might stumble upon a site with 63, 896 subscribers and asked yourself  “How the heck did he get such number of followers?!“. Good news, just like you, they started from zero. And while there are so many things to learn, think of that very important step these great people did— they BEGIN.

5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor Or Any Passion

3. I don’t need to know everything, I will learn as I go.

Don’t wait to perfectly learn everything before you jump right in, that’s a sure path for delay. Sometimes it just turns to be an adorned excuse to begin. Your best knowledge might come from your worst mistake. Accept that you might start lame but thrive to be at your best. If it’s innate, it will be great. Remember that perfection is not your starting point, it is your destination.

5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor Or Any Passion



4.  I will not be intimidated, I will be inspired.

You might know people who have reached great height in the same passion as yours. It’s when you wish you can also create those unbelievably stunning photos  while you feel tiny with your blurry newbie shots. Don’t let these big time people give you a shrinking feeling. Instead, make them your source of inspiration. Learn from them, they could be your mentor as you start your endeavor.


5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor Or Any Passion

5. I will not be discouraged just because everybody is already doing it, my expression is unique.

How many photographers are there globally? Countless. How many writers are out there? Check your statistics and you’ll get huge figures related to your passion. But will you be discouraged because everyone is already doing it? NO. Given that everyone is already doing it, it hasn’t been done by YOU. Your expression is unique, you own it and no one will go there to voice it out for you. If you’re one of the stars in a constellation, you don’t stop glaring because other stars are brighter than you. You just shine your own way.

5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor Or Any Passion


How about you?  Ever had a certain mindset  that helped you go for your passion? Feel free to share lovelies!  🙂


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27 thoughts on “5 Mindsets To Start Your Photography Endeavor (Or Any Passion!)

  1. For a Long time my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy was just a placeholder on WordPress. I kept thinking well once I retire and begin my world travels then I’ll release R.U.G. to the world. Eventually my eyes were opened and I starting posting on Roaming Urban Gypsy because I Live in New York the most photogenic city in the world!! The Big Apple has so much to offer the Urban Street Photographer (My genre) and it has never disappointed me. So folks come take a bite of the Big Apple Spiderman and mine Hometown ~~~ https://roamingurbangypsy.com/2016/04/24/cees-odd-ball-photo-challenge-2016-week-17/

    1. Hi there! Saw the images, I love those colorful arts! While most of the people ignore, you capture. 🙂 Keep those beautiful shots coming! 🙂

  2. All you wrote is so true! I’m still quite new to the blogosphere and it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming and even intimidating. But then I remind myself that I started this journey because I wanted to express and share my passion. We all have unique voices and can learn so much from and be inspired by each other 🙂

    1. Glad to know you can totally relate. Yeah, I guess that’s the main goal, to express the unique you. Going out there makes the world more interesting, we just have to begin. 🙂

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