Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016, Malaysia

Up, up, and away!

It was a buoyant day in Putrajaya’s Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016. Chromatic balloons were lined up like rainbows in the form of gigantic air bags. It was an exciting outdoor event which engulfed the Putrajaya Precint 2 location with people in all walks of life.  How amazing to know that a hobby,  over time, became a legacy.  Balloonists are from different parts of the world. The throng watched the event with much enthusiasm. I, myself, was excited to see the creative and bold designs of each balloon.

Location: Putrajaya Precinct 2, Malaysia
Date: March 11-13, 2016

Hot Air Balloon

The exhibition area was limited for professional balloonists, security personnel, media and those who paid for a fly. But being behind the fence was just a right spot to have a great view. Huge!


Hot Air Balloon

You will fix your eyes as you watch the balloon slowly expands, waiting for its full shape.



Standing tall, like saying “Hey! I’m ready to fly!”



The Friendship Balloon took pride as it glided up, such vibrant colors.



At this point, I felt like a kid. I just wanted to climb over the fence and jump right in. But yeah, nah, I behaved.  🙂



It’s getting dark and the balloons are getting more beautiful with burst of fire filling up the huge bag with hot air.



Now look closer!



A balloon from last year’s event but still good to bring you up and view the Putrajaya from the top.



Hot Air Balloons in cute shapes! The Night Glow show.



Strode around the area and got some nice view.



We started walking away from the area to be back home when we saw this almost missed fireworks show.

Being a visual person who loves creativity and adventure, I really had fun!

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    1. Thank you, hope you could be in one of those hot air balloon events in the Philippines. I am more amazed of your photos! See you around! 🙂

  1. Wow! Great pics. I would’ve loved to be there and see it all. Going on a hot balloon ride is something I would love to do one day (despite my fear of heights! 😉 Love your blog and followed. Please feel free to visit my blog too when you get a chance 🙂

  2. Thank you Iriz for liking my comment on Rarasaur. This led to my visiting your wonderful blog and noticing your fine photographic work, to which I promise returning shortly. Please visit my blog anytime soon.

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