9th MyBalloonFiesta – Not Held in a Good Venue, Desa Park

Having comparison from the last year’s  event, the 9th MyBalloonFiesta was held in a not so good location. Desa Park seemed a small place for this kind of activity. Foodgasm provides few options. A poor crowd management inside the display area. The emcee guy kept asking the people to leave a certain spot but no one tried to guide them. Or maybe there was, we just didn’t see it because we stepped away for a while. It rained and the place turned muddy as expected. The event will run for 3 days and we participated today, the second day.

Though it wasn’t what I expected, it’s still a good event. I was surprised to know that Philippines was one of the participants. The gigantic green hot air balloon was ours (Bayan ng Lubao – Lalawigan ng Pampanga). I believe there were more participants last year. There was not much of balloons today and I didn’t witness one flying.

At least I enjoyed my friends’ company. We were able to have a good conversation while waiting for the Night Glow show to start, and then headed back home after dinner.

Let’s look  forward for next year!

Last year’s hot air balloon show. 

hot air balloon
The green one represents Philippines.


9th MyBalloonFiesta
A lady wearing nice costume, ready to take pictures with you.


9th MyBalloonFiesta
It must be really hot wearing the costume.


9th MyBalloonFiesta
We stepped away and came back to see the Night Glow show.


9th MyBalloonFiesta
Looks better at night.

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  1. You’ve captured the balloons wonderfully Iriz but having looked at last years images it does seem this years event was second best. And where was the friendship balloon this year? Still, a lovely post all the same, thank you 🙂

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