Uluwatu – Bali, Indonesia – Scenic Cliff Above Indian Ocean Waves

Uluwatu is a home to surfing enthusiasts and known for its scenic temple. Tourists around the world travel all the way to Indonesia to witness a breathtaking view. The place borders the Indian Ocean to the South. The Uluwatu Temple’s vantage point gives tourists a remarkable scenery. I, myself, had to put down my camera and just breathe in the moment I know I would always remember.

The temple has an entrance fee and will require you to wear Sarong and sashes before getting in. Sarongs and sashes are free at the entrance.  While there’s so much to enjoy in this majestic place, you have to be careful with monkeys. They are adept in stealing people’s belongings. I was walking leisurely when the monkey grabbed the old man’s eyeglass in front of me. I am not sure if he’s fortunate to get it back. I saw another lady anxiously walking with one bear foot, it was then we found out that the monkey stole her pink sleeper. Our guide was kind enough to help her get it back. The tourist guides in Uluwatu know the trick, so they are the best ones to help you if a smart thief (monkey) hold up your things. It’s been monkeys behavior in Uluwatu to steal in exchange for food.

Keep an eye on your belongings. Nevertheless, everything else in this place is just remarkable.

Uluwatu Temple
Watching the dawn at Uluwatu, it’s just breathtaking.


A boat turned almost a dot in the vast ocean.



Watch your steps, steep cliff.


Bali Indonesia
Hear the gush of waves as it kiss the edge of the cliff.


Statues around that reflects Indonesian’s faith and beliefs.


I could see art and history in the form of hallways and walls.


A cunning thief ready to grab your things in a blink of an eye. They steal in exchange for food.


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  1. Oh Iriz, your images are stunning and it sounds like an honour to be set upon by these little thieves. Oh to experience such beauty… Maybe one day. In the meantime, thank you for bringing the exotic to me 🙂

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