My Top 15 Picks From 2016 Photos

My 2016 photos were nothing much. And up to these days, I have no noble photo that could make it to the National Geographic Magazine 😆 . I could only say that I somehow managed to take decent shots. Just had time scouring photos I took last year. While my 2016 photography was just about giving it a go, here are my Top 15 picks and how I’ve seen it beyond the lens. Which one is yours?  😉


My Top 15 Picks From 2016 Photos#1 Little girls smile – She might have not shown her teeth but I could say that she has the most beautiful smile.  The lift of a genuine happiness or appreciation cannot be seen in the corner of your lips. It is in the corner of your eyes. I spotted a genuine one. I set it to black and white because I feel that by removing vivid colors, I could get rid of all the distractions. Thus, letting the real story stand out.


street art#2 Penang’s Wall Art – Leaning an old motorcycle on a door with a painted boy as if he’s sitting on it. It was painted year 2012 and had a recent retouch. It was one of the murals you could admire as you explore Georgetown City in Penang Malaysia. Art is such a gift that we are willing to preserve it until the next generations.


My Top 15 Picks From 2016 Photos#3 The Blue Mosque – I truly admire Architectural design. For me, it’s Creativity with huge amount of Intellect. Of course, you wouldn’t want to build a structure aesthetically designed but will soon fall on the ground like a cut tree.


#4 Hot Air Balloon– I was able to capture Hot Air Balloons on a floating view, the were fascinating from a distance. But this one with glaring fire gave me a more feel. And with the waving Malaysia Flag, it really represents the event.


Sekinchan Malaysia#5 Dragon Poles – I don’t practice Chinese culture but for someone who travels once in  while, I embrace diversity. I respect other’s beliefs and appreciate every mark of creativity in each temple I visit .


butterfly#6 Imperfect Wings – For a moment, we were like staring at each other. The butterfly with imperfect wings represents our stories. We stumble and struggle but we keep going.


yellow flower#7 Yellow Flower – The color was so refreshing. I love how the petals piled and formed such one beautiful flower.  The close up look reveals more of its beauty.


Sekinchan Malaysia#8 The Paddy Field – Feel the warm rays of sun and breathe some fresh air. This kind of place is better experienced than just being seen in a photo. I had a wonderful morning spending it at Sekinchan.


Clouds#9 Cottony Clouds –  I always adore clouds or perhaps it’s just who I am, secretly adoring from a distance. Passing by without a word but carrying all the memories with me.


#10 The Night – You’ll see beautiful things even at the dark. It was a serene walk at night as I waited for the Blue Mosque to lit up.


reptile#11 The Stare – It was the kind of stare I have loved last year. LOL.  The one between “I don’t want you here” and “I’m kinda curious”. Eyes can really tell a lot, even the ones from a reptile.


#12 The Love Birds – Don’t they look really sweet? It’s like a man who’s willing to wait until she’s ready. Or perhaps a woman who asked him to stay around. Oh well, whatever. I hope it’s a happy ending.  🙂


penang chinese new year#13 Year of the Monkey – The guy could have thought I was one of his fans when I waved my hand asking If I could take a photo of him. Little did he know, I was just after his body paint. Once again, I saw an art form and never wanted to leave the place without capturing it. He’s a good performer though, he led the group on stage.


Sekinchan Malaysia#14 Lit up – Whenever I stare at a candle or something like this lighting up a room, I can only think of one word – Focus.


#15 Ancient Piece – A  ancient metal piece aesthetically designed. It represents the era when people in Malaysia learned to use metal in their daily lives. If only it could speak, it would tell great stories from the past.


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20 thoughts on “My Top 15 Picks From 2016 Photos

  1. I think you are too hard on yourself. The people pictures are great, in particular the little girl.
    I don’t like the Blue Mosque, by the day or night… But the other pix are very good. 🙂

    1. :D, I guess I so admire many people out there wishing I could do great photography like them. I am happy with my shots though, I just hope I do better. Thanks Brian, your words keeps me going! 🙂

  2. Iriz, I love that you collected the photos you loved the most into this post. I like each of the annotations, too. It feels so connecting to hear your thoughts about each photo. I like them all, but my favorite is #2, Panang Wall Art. So intriguing!

  3. All of the photos displayed are well taken and beautiful. Photos in the list, however, that I particularly like are numbers 1, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 12. The future looks bright, keep the good work up.

  4. To be honest, all of them are great! But the Smiling Girl and the Cottony Clouds are my favorites. Both of them are very beautiful and somehow calm. Good job 🙂

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