Imperfect Wings


A butterfly with imperfect wings wide open, seems ready to conquer the world.

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18 thoughts on “Imperfect Wings

  1. As I flutter from tree to tree,
    i am amazed at the sights I see,
    for as tattered as they may be,
    these wings still carry me free.

    As I savor the nectar so sweet,
    I rejoice with every beat,
    for as tarnished as they may be,
    these wings still carry me free.

    As the morning light, welcomes me,
    I thank the powers above that be,
    for letting me flutter unfettered and free
    and for one more day, letting me, be me.

    ~ @ ~

    The cadence and syllable count might not be perfect, but neither are those wings … yet they fly, unfettered and free.

    Thanks for the inspiration <3

    1. Omg…you really have that precious mind! Not everyone can do that! I used to write poems years back, I stopped and somehow lost it. I used to know when you try to pull out those words inspired by a photo. This is a very nice poem and I’m so happy you bring that gift on my post! Thank you, I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I’m glad you like it and it is you I should be thanking for the beautiful imagery.

        My creative side had been placed in limbo for a long time … I used to guard against it as it makes me feel as though I am untethered and out of control. But now, it has seen a resurrection of sorts and I am not about to return it to it’s grave any time soon.

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