5 Traits Of A Great Travel Buddy – For the Adventurous Journey (2-min read)

travel buddy
Travel buddies enjoying a sunrise at Tioman Island.

THEY DARE TO EXPLORE – Traveling is a great way to discover new things and meet new people. The person who has the vibe to try the unfamiliar is the right person to delve into a pleasant travel experience. You could come across someone who’s willing to drive you from point A to point B but prefers to stay in the hotel due to humid weather. A great travel buddy has the right amount of enthusiasm to drive an interesting and unforgettable journey.

THEY HAVE PATIENCE WHEN THINGS GO WRONG – One must anticipate that things don’t Β always turn out the way you planned. To deal with a challenging situation in an agitating attitude will just make the situation worse. Being impatient will not help at all. If you have a travel buddy who remains calm in a difficult situation and focuses on the solution rather than the problem, then you found a treasure!

THEY CONSIDER YOUR BUDGET – This comes with an open communication. Both have to speak up about their budget and have an agreement. You don’t want to keep saying “Yes” while carrying on with a heavy heart. That’s the last thing you want to bulge when traveling. I have a good friend whose first question is “What’s our budget?”. Followed by calculations and then we stick to it as much as we can.

THEY SHARE OPINIONS – It’s good to travel with someone who’s engaged in decision making. As what they always say “Two heads are better than one”. You might be able to easily figure things out when both are helping each other. You don’t want to be moving along with someone who has nothing to say the entire trip.

THEY HAVE GENUINE RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY – A person who’s willing to throw himself/herself out of the world must know the fact that our differences have both beauty and ugly facets. A broad mind with respect to both will make him/her adapt easily regardless of which spot on earth he/she is. They don’t judge people based on their own airing opinion, be it on the color of the skin or religious belief. And by that, you don’t need to apologize on behalf of your travel buddy because of a demeaning behavior.

I’m pretty sure the list could go on. If you have more thoughts, I would love to hear from you by leaving comments below!Β  πŸ˜‰

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24 thoughts on “5 Traits Of A Great Travel Buddy – For the Adventurous Journey (2-min read)

  1. Hi Iriz,
    I found this beautiful piece of yours! Can’t agree more.

    I would really love to help you to share your story worldwide for free. I tried to find your contact detail but seems like I can’t find it.

    Will you please email to me your email address.

    Looking forward to your reply and have a great day ahead!

  2. The real test is whether you can spend the whole day with your travel buddy, not saying a word, just enjoying the day, and feel perfectly comfortable about it. πŸ˜‰
    (I have a friend like that)
    Be good.

    1. LOL. Yeah, that’s why I edited the subject and properly labeled this for adventurous travel. Because needless to say, we also travel to give the hustle-and-bustle a break. Hmm. I want that challenge. But hey, who will speak up when it’s time to decide where to eat? Haha.

      1. Good point. We hiking for two weeks in the french Alps, doing some pretty long days of climbing, but the food we bought every day, the day before, so the menu was set. πŸ˜‰

        1. Ah yeah, it’s been a while since I last hiked. Wow, two weeks…long journey. And yeah, I don’t think I can have a good chat while trying to catch my breath. πŸ™‚

  3. I think you’ve covered what would make a good travel companion pretty well. A spirit of adventure should be matched with one’s own; neither more nor less or conflict can arise.

  4. Your post is an invitation to traveling… Some places can be traveled in dreams while one can dream of traveling while sitting at home looking at the Nature around… Have a great day, nice to read you…

    1. Hi Louise, I agree. I think I have to put proper label for this one, for the adventurous journey πŸ™‚ Visualization can bring you to infinity and peace of mind is one good destination. You have a great day too! πŸ™‚

  5. Having driven between the lines for more miles than I care to recall and for as many years as I can barely count, I am afraid my traveling days are mostly behind as I sit back and watch the birds eat sunflower seeds ,and hope for rain. But I love to read of your exploits in the great far east and walk with you in spirit to see all of the beauty that you photograph. Best to you and by all means keep traveling and telling.

    1. Lyle, Goatman, Pretty Moonbeams! I remember you so clearly and dearly. You were my co-blogger during my blogspot days. Which is sad to say, I had abandoned 5 years ago. I’m so happy you’re here in my new home! I’m just quite not sure if you still remember me as my name was removed from your blogroll. Which is the right thing to do since I had disappeared. πŸ™‚

      Oh believe me, your kind of traveling is one thing I would truly enjoy. This piece applies for those who are going by duo or group and more adventurous. There are different kinds of traveler I should say, others are for relaxed and serene moments. I love both phases depending on the location and the people I am going with.

      The photo you see is the one I shot while sitting on a chair, savoring serenity. Just like your traveling days. πŸ™‚

      I am so glad to hear from you. Your writing is great as always. Keep in touch! πŸ™‚

      1. Sorry you left the blogs but everyone mostly did in favor of the book of faces! I still do the blogs since it enables more lengthy thought and consideration than the alternatives. Except for your entries — they are considered and interesting. I do still remember you from the olden days. Stay well.

        1. Oh I rarely go to FB nowadays. My mind is mostly preoccupied by my blog and the works of others. Glad to know “Iriz” is still a familiar name. And I agree with you “blogs enable more lengthy thought and consideration than the alternatives”. Perhaps the same reason why I go back to blogging after not being around for years. I’ll see you around Goatman. πŸ™‚

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