Fall In Love With The Beautiful Sunset in Bali Indonesia


I stood there and watched the day bade a goodbye. The rays of sun were like tears welling into an eyelid. And without a word, the fading beam promised to be home again by tomorrow…


Alright, there I am, being emotional.   😥  . Enough of sentiments. Really, I just don’t want to go home with this view in front of me.  😯 . I traveled to Indonesia to give the hustle-and-bustle a break, but I only wished I could stay for good. I realized how overwhelmed I was with the busy life and by just staring at the sunset, I found peace.


There’s more in this place which I wish to share in my future posts. The people are nice, the food tastes great and the weather is kind.  A place you would love to experience. More people are coming to and fro to see it, if you have a chance, you should.

Although no one really needs to cross the ocean for a break, find peace and take time to breathe. One must take a pause to see the things they’ve long taken for granted. Do yourself a favor, take some time-off.

When was the last time you stopped to let yourself fall in love with a beautiful sunset?


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40 thoughts on “Fall In Love With The Beautiful Sunset in Bali Indonesia

      1. I hope to go back soon. I wish to explore the northern part of Bali more. I am planning a trip to go backpacking in Thailand but Bali is definitely up there in my list

  1. What a beautiful picture. Thank you so much for sharing. Its been a long time sense we’ve heard from you at Gastradamus. Your thoughts mean the world to us. When you have the time, let us know what you think of our new story called Queen Kong and I.

  2. http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/821152abonjourbambis.gif

    La vie est un poème vécu au jour le jour
    Avec ses joies, ses échecs, ses tristesses
    Ses amours et ses détresses

    Il faut savoir garder l’espoir

    Réussir ses combats contre la maladie ,ses désillusions ect ….

    Etre solidaire entre amis (ies)

    Avoir du cœur c’est comme si on avait envie de tout partager

    N’oublie pas que la vie est un poème vécu au jour le jour

    Alors vit ,,,,,ce poème, ce petit écris je le partage avec toi

    Gros bisous


    Belle journée

  3. Bonjour
    Ton amitié c’est un rayon de lumière
    Une tendresse journalière
    Un doux morceau de bonheur
    Telle la douceur d’une fleur
    Je viens déposer une petite recette sur ton blog que j’apprécie
    Alors, je me dis
    As-tu déjà ouvert ton internet .Es tu là ! Oui ou non
    Ce n’est pas bien grave tu trouveras bien mon petit mot
    Je venais juste te faire un petit coucou
    Passe une bonne journée en samedi

    gros bisous


    C’EST MOI LOL après un petit passage à vide


    1. “Hello
      Your friendship is a ray of light
      A daily tenderness
      A sweet piece of happiness
      Soft as a flower
      I just put a small recipe on your blog that I like
      So I tell myself
      Have you ever opened your IP .Es you there! Yes or no
      It does not matter you will find well my note
      I’d just give you a little cuckoo
      Have a good day Saturday
      lots of love
      C’EST MOI LOL after a short video passage”

      Nice flow Bernard, thank you showering me with your poem! 🙂

  4. These are beautiful photos. Whenever I have dreams of being a succesful business owner, I imagine myself doing work from a sunrise. Just like these photos. thanks for sharing.

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