Little Girl’s Smile

little girls smile

Such innocence from a little girl’s smile. A pretty Malaysian girl who found happiness from a butterfly resting on her hand. I failed to get her name but she gladly made a pose when she saw the camera. Her eyes are like saying that happiness doesn’t come from noble things. If we could only open our perspective like a child, we will find it everywhere.


53 thoughts on “Little Girl’s Smile

  1. Bonjour

    En cette nouvelle journée

    Comme un oiseau de tendresse

    Je viens te chanter mon bonjour

    Comme on chante les belles histoires

    Je te peints mes pensées à l’encre de mes mots

    Comme on peint les jolis tableaux

    Je te dessine le contour de mes plus beaux sentiments

    Comme on dessine l’innocence à travers les yeux d’un enfant

    Je t’ai écris ces quelques lignes nappées de bonheur

    Comme on écrit les plus beaux souvenirs

    Je te souhaite une bonne journée . avec des petits bisous



    1. Oh that is beautiful Bernard. Thanks for sharing it here in my post. Such a gift to be able to express one’s self through poem. You too! Have a great day! Je vous remercie!


      In this new day
      As a tender bird
      I just sing you my hello
      As we sing the beautiful stories
      I painted you my thoughts with ink of my words
      As painted pretty pictures
      I draw you the outline of my best feelings
      As we draw innocence through the eyes of a child
      I am writing these few lines topped happiness
      As written the most beautiful memories
      I wish you a good day . with little kisses

  2. Happiness flows from the heart to nestle in the beholder’s mind. Your gifts for me today: a butterfly, a photo, and a smile that shortens the distances between us.

  3. Likes and comments are working well – would like to know how you change this comments header? And how you display your visitors nationalities? Thanks for the follow!

    1. Thanks for confirming! It must be under your WordPress Settings> Discussion > Comments > Greeting Text. As for that visitor flags, just click on it and it will lead you to ‘Flag Counter’, you can create an account and set your desired settings. Happy blogging! 🙂

  4. A child’s smile is such a precious thing to see and combined with the spirituality of the butterfly on her hand makes this a magical picture. Thanks for sharing! x

          1. 😉
            The trick, or the illusion is to quickly learn a dozen fundamental words: Hello, please, thank you, etc. 🙂 Once you master those, conversation is easy. Hasta luego.

    1. Thanks Birgit. I’m blushing now…Haha. I enjoy doing and continuously learning this thing. Love that you appreciate it. 🙂

      1. Hi Nan, Kiri lost her daughter due to cancer. If her daughter is still alive, she’d be 10 years old by now like the girl in this photo. It would be wonderful if you visit Kiri’s site to know her more. Thank for stopping by. 🙂

      2. Hi Nan what Iris said in the comment below. My daughter died when she was six. I have three photos of her with butterflies during her lifetime. They are a powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth. Lots of people who knew her now associate her memory with butterflies and let me know when they see them and are reminded of her.

  5. Your images are nicely done. I’ve been wondering (but cannot get an answer from anyone), how does one take pics of people without getting sued? Do you just take the image? Do you ask their permission? How does that work? I’m asking because I’m going to move into people pics soon.

    1. Hello there K E Garland! We both have the same question since I am just starting with photography. I asked one expert in WordPress whom I stumbled upon. He told me that there would be no exact answer because it will depend on the law being implemented within your country.

      I did my research for Malaysia and checked some forums. According to the photographers community, it is okay to take photos of people in public as long as it is not for commercial purpose or you don’t intend to sell it. But of course, it is still better to ask permission from parents for kid photos like this. They also advised that if you took someone’s photo in public trying to capture a feel, you may approach afterwards and ask if it can be posted. So you have to make a research based on your location.

      I took this photo with the kid fully aware that she’s being captured as we’re trying get the right timing with the butterfly on her hand. Her mother was looking at us with a smile which I took as a yes from her. It’s just that I wasn’t able to discuss that it could be posted here since I don’t have the site up yet during that time. I’m thinking to put a disclaimer here saying that if they happened to be captured and wish to have the photo removed then they can contact me and I will delete it with due respect. 🙂

        1. Sure. That was my longest comment so far! Haha. Let’s learn on this together. Go for it! 🙂

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