Street Art of George Town, Penang

George Town has been an interesting area of canvas under the creative hands of Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic. Zach is a Lithuanian-born artist with a heart of a Penangite. His works ignite both creativity and tourism across the city. It was 2012 when the Lithuanian artist received a global attention after contributing mural arts for Georgetown Festival. He made some touch ups on few of his murals came 2016. More street arts sprang within George Town created by other prominent artists.

REVIEW & TIPS: Prepare you sturdy legs as this will be series of walk. Have a bottle of water handy to keep you hydrated. Start early so you can see more of these artworks by the end of the day. You will find a long line of tourists waiting for their turn to have a photo shoot with every mural, so be patient to wait for yours. A map will be your bestfriend for this street art tour, make sure you have one. Trace street art locations with your map so you can plan your start and end point. Just randomly bumping into murals will consume more time and energy. As you plan your trail, check for the nearest food restaurant along the way. It will be frustrating to get lost with a grumbling belly.

Location: Streets in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Street Art George Town Penang
“Old Motorcycle” – Ah Quee Street


Street Art George Town Penang
“Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur” – Ah Quee Street
Street Art George Town Penang
“Kung Fu Girl” – Muntri Street
Street Art George Town Penang
“Brother and Sister” – Gat Lebuh Armenian Street
Street Art George Town Penang
“Skippy” – Lebuh Armenian Street
Street Art George Town Penang
“Kids on Bicycle” – Lebuh Armenian Street

24 thoughts on “Street Art of George Town, Penang

  1. Very good. My compliments on the Street art (rendition) and on your photography.
    Selamat pagi (By the time you read that, it will be morning)

    1. Hi there! Thank you. So it’s a place we’ve both been to. I had a hard time taking some of them because there’s always someone blocking my shot. Haha. So many tourists taking pictures of themselves with the streetart.

      Glad you stop by! 🙂

      1. Darn tourists… 🙂
        Though it may come as a surprise (writing “A night in Penang” with Tiffany Choong) I haven’t been to Penang. Yet. 🙂
        I’m trying to build up excuses to go ASAP. 🙂
        Again I loved your street art pictures. And I will be checking your photography. I like your style. Take care. Brian

        1. Haha. I’m happy to know that you guys appreciate it. I’m just around the corner and will visit yours as well, so see you around! 🙂

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