Firing Up Hot Air Balloon

Firing Up Hot Air Balloon

Seeing this man being few inches from the burner, I wonder how tough it is to fire up a hot air balloon.  My grim imagination began to run, what if the burner fails? What if it burns the balloon? What if one of the ropes holding the passenger turns loose? But then times like this, you take a pause and just let the fun thoughts take over. It must be great seating there, underneath a huge floating gas bag, slowly rising from the ground.

Of course, it isn’t just simply a huge gas bag. It is a floating Science. A by-product of a collaborative work from mathematicians, chemists and inventors. Who will not enjoy watching those buoyant balloons gliding up? My friends and I did.

Stay tune for more Hot Air Balloon Festival photos.  😉

“The best way of travel, however, if you aren’t in any hurry at all, if you don’t care where you are going, if you don’t like to use your legs, if you don’t want to be annoyed at all by any choice of directions, is in a balloon. In a balloon, you can decide only when to start, and usually when to stop. The rest is left entirely to nature.” ` 

~ William Pene du Bois, The Twenty-one Balloons


6 thoughts on “Firing Up Hot Air Balloon

  1. Great picture!

    And it is so very important to sometimes just stop overthinking things and just do it. Overthinking is great for certain scenarios, but for most others it can really backfire. Imagine the experiences you would miss out on if you over thought everything in life. Life is short, so best not to waste your precious time on overthinking too many things, best to go with the gentle flow :).

    1. Thank you! Though I’m kinda guilty of it, lol, yeah, overthinking could kill great possibilities. Me and my friends had fun on that day. 🙂

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